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The first billion: markets and technologies driving fixed line adoption today

January 31, 2019

In Q3 2018 the number of global fixed broadband subscribers exceeded 1 billion. This is part one of the analysis looking at where the next billion of broadband lines will come from.


Thinkpoint – Broadband Technology Update

September 24, 2018

The second set of outputs from ThinkPoint, the new joint product from Point Topic and thinkbroadband, includes a detailed broadband technology picture in the UK.


Openreach’s new OSA product – filling a hole in the backhaul business

September 4, 2018

Point Topic attended Openreach’s briefing and was able to gain some initial responses from interested customers.


Underserved Europe and the TV White Space opportunity

May 3, 2018

Point Topic and Nominet have combined their data, expertise and research to aid the understanding of the opportunity that the spectrum freed up from the switch to digital TV broadcasting across Europe offers.


Bridge Fibre: science and business park specialist

May 2, 2018

Point Topic recently met with Andrew Glover, chair of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), chief executive of IT support company Bridge Partners, fibre broadband operator and service provider Bridge Fibre, and co-founder of fixed wireless access provider Air Broadband,  at his offices in Cowley Road, Cambridge, to understand how these various businesses have developed, his ideas for the future and his observations on broadband in the UK. We also visited one of Bridge Fibre’s broadband deployments located on Cambridge Innovation Park, a leading enterprise site in the area, to hear about broadband requirements from site landlord and developer, Paragon Land & Estates Ltd.