In Q3 2016 customers in UK paid three times more than in Sweden for 4G data

4G LTE and LTE Advanced tariffs from across Europe

Point Topic has launched a new service, Mobile Broadband Tariffs

Point Topic, well known for fixed broadband market intelligence, have added a new service. Mobile Broadband Tariffs is an interactive database updated quarterly and reporting the 4G LTE and LTE Advanced tariffs from across the EU-28 countries, Norway and Switzerland. At launch, the service gives access to some 2,000 residential and business tariffs provided by all major European mobile operators over high speed 4G networks.

Analysis of the Q3 2016 4G LTE tariff data reveals significant variation in pricing and data caps in Europe. This is the case even among major economies with similar living standards. For example, Swedish operators offered residential customers 49GB of 4G monthly data on average. For a similar monthly price of around $40 (at PPP – purchasing power parity) consumers in United Kingdom and Germany were getting, on average, less than 10GB a month.


Tariff benchmarks for residential 4G LTE services in six major European economies, Q3 2016. (Tariffs bundled with tablets included). Source: Point Topic

To compete with fixed broadband offerings, mobile broadband providers must offer high enough monthly data allowances at reasonable prices for users to be able to enjoy online video and music as well as other data hungry apps. However, even some well-developed countries still have some way to go. For example, for 50GB of data on 4G plans consumers in the UK had to pay $87 (PPP) per month in Q3 2016. In the same period, residents in Sweden, Poland and Lithuania would have paid three to four times less for the same mobile broadband data volume.


Entry level monthly charge for 50GB of data on residential 4G LTE tariffs, Q3 3016 (tariffs bundled with tablets excluded). Source: Point Topic

In Q3 2016, Denmark appeared to be the best country for getting a 4G LTE subscription. Danish operators offered the highest data allowance in Europe at 500GB a month for $53 (PPP). The best data offers consumers could get for a similar monthly price in other countries were 100GB in Slovakia, 60GB in Cyprus, 50GB in Norway, and 40GB in France, to mention a few. Since then, some European mobile operators introduced unlimited data plans and reduced prices to meet the ever-increasing demand for data.


4G LTE data allowance a residential customer can get for around $50 PPP per month (tariffs bundled with tablets excluded). Source: Point Topic

Point Topic will be expanding their 4G LTE tariff dataset in future to include mobile operators from other parts of the world as well as to feature a wealth of multi-play tariffs where mobile broadband is bundled with TV, fixed broadband, and voice services. The firm believes the new service is essential for anyone who wants to have a full picture of the fast-changing broadband scene, be it fixed or mobile. OTT providers should be particularly interested as increasing amount of mobile data is used by online video and voice apps.

Oliver Johnson, CEO at Point Topic, says, “We are excited to be able to offer this new service.  As fixed and mobile transit from converging to converged, at least in the consumer’s view, the supply of the bytes they use is of less importance than the price and availability.  Mobile Broadband Tariffs reflects this new reality and allows us to better serve our clients as they seek to understand the markets.”

Get access to the full data

Access to the full version of the this report and our latest tariff database featuring more than 2,000 mobile broadband services from 30 European countries are available to subscribers of Point Topic’s Mobile Broadband Tariffs service. To find out more, please telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail

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