BDUK will add 1.8M homes with superfast coverage by 2015

Bandwidth to increase by 50% if targets are met

Point Topic has modelled the spread of broadband and now superfast broadband through the UK market for a number of years. Now using a time series comparison we can benchmark the bandwidth uplift that Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funding will offer consumers in the target areas.

Point Topic forecasts that the areas receiving BDUK funding will help to drive superfast coverage to 1.8 million million more households in the UK by 2015 than would be expected of we relied on commercial deployments alone.

Changes in bandwidth due to BDUK funding

Point Topic - projected change in bandwidth by 2015 with BDUK funding

Figure 1: Projected change in available bandwidth by 2015 Local Authority with BDUK funding

Available bandwidth, the downstream value of the ‘fastest’ technology deployed in an area, will increase by a projected average of 50% according to Point Topic’s analysis. This increase will vary widely across the BDUK areas if the consortia are to meet their targets.

Changes in available bandwidth range from as little as 0.5% in those local authorities where superfast is already widely available like Manchester to over 2000% in poorly served areas such as Cumbria. Better broadband is on the way for many who have lagged behind in the last five years.

Key stats:

55.4 Mbps.

Average of the highest bandwidth available in BDUK regions today.

68.0 Mbps.

Average in 2015 without any intervention.

83.0 Mbps.

Average in 2015 if the local broadband plans succeed.

Point Topic’s view

The local broadband plans are aiming for at least 90% of the homes and businesses in their catchment area to have access to services of 30Mbps and above.

This will be more of a challenge for some of the projects than for others but it should not be forgotten they are also trying to improve access for those with economic, age or educational roadblocks.

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