Broadband tariff country scorecard – Q1 2013

Country benchmarks for residential broadband services

This free report compares the average monthly charge for residential broadband services in 90 countries. The data includes standalone and bundled services offered over copper, cable and fibre in Q1 2013.

Every quarter, Point Topic looks at trends in the global and regional monthly costs of copper (DSL), cable and fibre broadband services.

The analysis is based on our global database of standalone and bundled broadband tariffs. In Q1 2013, the database included 2,889 residential tariffs from across the globe and 2,310 business tariffs, with 51 tariffs targeted at both groups.

Within this report, we look at the average monthly tariff for residential broadband services across the world. The average includes copper, cable and fibre broadband services, and covers both standalone and bundled services.

All prices are quoted in international US dollars at PPP rates to allow comparisons between countries.

Broadband tariffs – country ranking report Q1 2013

Many countries in Eastern Europe rank top in terms of offering the cheapest broadband, whereas residents who live in the Middle East and Africa  tend to  pay most for their broadband services. Overall, the trend seems to be for some less developed countries – in particular those outside the EU – to have high broadband prices caused by lower investment in infrastructure as well as lower take-up which prevents them from benefiting from the economies of scale. Customers in some more developed Western European economies as well as countries like Singapore, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia tend to pay more for broadband than those in Eastern European states which belong to the European Union and often benefit from the EU funding. Some less developed economies from other regions (e.g. Tunisia, Kuwait, Libya) tend to have relatively low broadband prices too, which could be the case because of the lower purchasing power of their population.

Point Topic - Average monthly broadband tariff - country comparison report - Q1 2013


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