Business broadband tariffs – Q3 2016

Global tariff benchmarks for business broadband services

The report looks at the cost of business broadband services across different access technologies and at the price and speed variations by global regions in Q3 2016.

Global business broadband tariffs

This quarter there was little change in average business tariffs and bandwidths. The average monthly charge for standalone business services remained at $197, as in the previous quarter. In the same period, the average bandwidth provided to business customers saw a slight drop to 79Mbps compared to 81Mbps in the previous quarter.

In terms of technologies, average cable and copper tariffs increased slightly in Q3 2016, while the average monthly tariff of fibre broadband packages remained unchanged. A notable change was a significant increase in the average bandwidths of cable based business services – from 116Mbps in Q2 2016 to 124Mbps in Q3 2016. The average monthly tariff of copper services continued to increase despite this legacy technology seeing falling take-up figures. (See our Global Broadband Statistics product for more details).


At the end of Q3 2016, the average global cost per megabit for business broadband packages changed very little and was $2.48. Differently from residential tariffs, the average cost per megabit on copper networks went up from $11.96 in Q2 2016 to $13.46 in Q3 2016.

Regional business broadband tariffs and bandwidths

The lowest priced business tariffs are offered in Europe and the Americas. This quarter the Middle East and Africa has dropped below South and East Asia which became the most expensive market for businesses. Although being the second most expensive market, Asia-Pacific offered the highest average speeds which further increased in Q3 2016 and stood at 304Mbps, compared to 289Mbps in Q2 2016.


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