Extending full fibre networks – expectations for 2020

In the Autumn of 2016 the Government announced more money for broadband.  Various sources include the clawback for BDUK areas given the rate of adoption of superfast services which is about to have another round, as well as the Broadband Infrastructure Investment Fund and even Europe for the moment.

The common thread as heralded by Matt Hancock MP is Fibre to the Premises.  Now regarded by the government as the primary goal of their funding FTTP is the only mass deployment broadband technology that will be capable of symmetric gigabit services in 2020.


The call for evidence on extending fibre networks highlighted the intent.

“In order to move to the next level of ubiquitous high speeds and reliability it is clear that, whilst there a number of interim technologies giving connectivity at ever faster speeds, full fibre is the future. The market will be in the vanguard of delivering full fibre, but there is an important role for Government to support this, by ensuring the right incentives are in place and barriers to investment are removed.

I am therefore delighted that in his Autumn Statement 2016, the Chancellor announced the government’s proposal for funding targeted at supporting market rollout of full fibre and 5G. This will bring faster and more reliable broadband for homes and businesses across the UK, and boost the next generation of mobile connectivity. It will be delivered in partnership with local areas, prioritising funding for new full fibre business connections.

Matt Hancock MP, Minister of State for Digital and Culture

How much bandwidth delivered when and using which technology?

Point Topic has produced technology forecasts at a postcode level by year to 2025.

One set of outputs, FTTP business coverage, is of particular interest to Local Authorities, BDUK consortia and Local Enterprise Partnerships all of whom will carry some responsibility (as well as reaping some of the benefits) for the state of broadband supply in their areas.

businesses outside FTTP

The mention of 5G is also of interest.  Not only will it be able to supply plenty of bandwidth but it will also demand much more backhaul than is currently available, as well as at least ten times more cellular towers/cells.

Along with our partners at Adroit and the Fifth Sector we have already helped Westminster Council apply for funding based on our detailed understanding and mapping of the state of play today and in 2020.

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