Fixed broadband price index map, Q4 2016

Changes in median fixed broadband tariffs between end-2015 and end-2016.

The map shows changes in the median residential fixed broadband tariffs between end-2015 and end-2016. The 2015 median tariff in each country = 100. All tariffs are expressed in $PPP for ease of comparison.

Over 12 months to end-2016 median tariffs dropped in The United States, Australia, Russian Federation, parts of Scandinavia and Europe, for example. On the other hand they increased in Canada, Brazil and China, among others. Of course, median tariff is not the only measure of ‘broadband price inflation’. For instance, weighted averages of how much consumers subscribing to fixed broadband packages are paying in each market would be another useful indicator. Nevertheless, we think this is an interesting snapshot showing whether subscribers in a particular country were ‘typically’ paying for broadband more or less at the end of 2016, compared to the end of 2015.

It is our first index of this kind, and we will be developing it further to extend the time scales and the range of the indicators we use.

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