Gfast, FTTP and cable in the UK – deployment as of May 2018

Advanced collaboration for broadband insight

The first set of outputs from ThinkPoint, the new joint product from Point Topic and thinkbroadband, includes a first look, in detail, at Gfast and FTTP deployments from Openreach.

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The networks are expanding rapidly as competition in the ultrafast sector hots up.  The increasing number of operators in the market, some retail, some wholesale but all keen to establish their own footprints and monetise their assets.

The map above is already out of date as Openreach start to ramp up the rate of Gfast deployment, regular updates from ThinkPoint allow us to keep up to speed with all the operators and technologies present in the UK market today, and tomorrow.

The combination of data from Point Topic and thinkbroadband allows us to establish the cable footprint with a high degree of accuracy too.  We track tests and ongoing work to help you understand the spread of the DOCSIS networks and the potential impact of Project Lightning.  Having access to the most recent and most accurate data inputs and analysis means our models and inputs for costing and business models in essential for any players in the market.

This applies across sectors and across the country as governments, national and local, struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving picture of supply, demand and societal impact.

Early stage Openreach ultrafast in the UK – overbuild and impacts

Making a business case for broadband and in particular deciding which technologies are likely to prosper and where they may benefit from, or be negatively affected by, subsidy is important for the success and impact of any deployment.

Existing competition, overbuild and expected deployments and technologies are vital inputs, often expected and even mandated in the various processes in play to maximise the spread of next generation broadband solutions.  The take-up picture, by technology and operator

Point Topic’s rolling research programmes allow us to factor in externalities and exogenous impacts and overlay the normal market functions and expectations to arrive at the canonical fixed broadband picture from postcode to nationwide.  Regular Point Topic updates are published and a constant feed augments our geography, analysis and overall understanding of the market.

Multiple cuts of data at multiple geographies with wide-ranging applications

ThinkPoint offers excellent insight into the UK market.  Built by two of the most respected sets of analysts in the UK broadband market using the freshest and most comprehensive set of inputs and informed by years of successful projects and applications ThinkPoint offers the essential toolbox for your decision making.

Where is it today?  We have more data from more operators covering more technologies than any other source.

Where will it be?  Sophisticated modelling, based on the firmest foundations available allow you to apply market tested forecasts to your projects.  Used across the industry in several successful central funding applications, for proposition planning and co-ordination as well as driving a number of investment models our forecasts can match your expectations.

What will it cost and what are the benefits? We complete the picture with costing models and benefit analysis that allow us to construct meaningful models of input and outcome.

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