Global broadband subscriber numbers – Q4 2013

678.6m subscribers worldwide at the end of 2013

Point Topic tracks the take-up of fixed broadband services at country and technology level across the globe. This report looks at the latest growth trends up to the end of Q4 2013.

Broadband subscriber numbers and net growth

At the end of December 2013, there were 678.6m fixed broadband lines worldwide. The growth in Q4 2013 was lower than both the proceeding quarter and the corresponding quarter in 2012.


Figure 1: World broadband subscriber numbers with growth to Q4 2013. Source – Point Topic

Regional broadband growth and population penetration

Europe has fared better than many regions in terms of growth (Europe – East) and penetration vs growth (Europe – Other) but Asia – East is also making strides in this category.

The scale of the challenge for Africa is also highlighted.  The potential of this market is yet to be fulfilled and, while supply is improving, there is considerable uncertainty about the plans of individual nations.

America – North is in some ways the most surprising output from the data.  Given the relative wealth of the population and the maturity of the market,  we would expect to see the US and Canada further ahead.

Figure 2: Penetration and quarterly growth by region in Q4 2013. Source – Point Topic

Broadband technology trends

Copper based technologies (DSL, ADSL and ADSL2+) continue to be the dominant technologies for broadband access although the market share gap is narrowing.

Fibre based technologies are taking a firmer grip of the adoption preferences.  Fibre adoption outgrew cable adoption by a factor of seven during 2013.


Figure 3: Broadband global technology market share in Q4 2013. Source – Point Topic

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