Global Broadband Subscribers in Q4 2015

The end of Q4 2015 saw a further steady growth of fixed broadband subscribers with the global total reaching 751m.

In Q4 2015, the quarterly growth in global broadband subscribers has recovered compared to Q4 2014 albeit it was slightly lower than in Q3 2015. This quarter the growth was driven mostly by parts of Asia, Europe and North America.

Global broadband subscriber numbers and growth

The main trends that we can spot this quarter:

  • China has swapped nearly South Korea sized copper subscriber base to FTTH in one quarter.
  • Among the largest FTTH markets Vietnam stands out with a 25% quarterly growth, having nearly quadrupled its FTTH broadband subscribers y-o-y.
  • End to end copper decline is accelerating, while fibre is growing at an increasing rate. This quarter we observed an annual growth rate of over 60% for FTTH globally.
  • There are now more FTTH broadband subscribers worldwide than those using cable broadband technologies.
  • Italy has recorded a 33% quarterly growth in VDSL subscribers this quarter, remaining top of the list in this category globally.

Chart 3

Regional trends

While regional market shares remained more or less stable in Q4 2015 compared to Q3 2015, Asia – Other and all regions of Europe saw their share of net additions increase this quarter. This was partly determined by high quarterly growth in Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Portugal, Slovenia and a number of other countries.

Chart 4

Technology trends

Copper based technologies (DSL, ADSL and ADSL2+) no longer have the dominant share worldwide.  In terms of any connection with fibre in the local loop there are now more infrastructure lines in the ground than end to end copper.

Chart 5

If we look at the annual changes, copper decline continued to accelerate – from 15% in Q3 2015 to nearly 19% this quarter, while FTTH growth jumped further to nearly 61% (56% last quarter).

Chart 6

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