Global IPTV subscriber numbers – Q1 2013

IPTV subscriber numbers rise to 79.3m in Q1 2013

Every quarter, Point Topic tracks the take-up of IPTV subscription services across the globe. This report looks at the latest growth trends up to and including Q1 2013.

Global IPTV subscriber numbers and growth

At the end of March 2013, there were 79.3m IPTV subscriptions across the globe. 3.3 million new subscriptions have been added since the start of 2013. In the 12 months since Q1 2012, the IPTV subscriber market has grown by 21%, with 13.7m net additions

Global IPTV growth Q1 2013 - Point Topic

Figure 1: Global IPTV subscriber numbers and growth in Q1 2013

Regional market shares

Europe (excluding Eastern Europe) and East Asia account for more than 75% of the global IPTV subscriber base, with 32.9% and 42.8% of the global market share respectively. North America accounts for 15% of the global market with Eastern Europe and Asia Other accounting for 5.3% and 3.5% respectively.

regional IPTV subscriber market shares Q1 2013 - Point Topic

Figure 2: Regional IPTV subscriber market shares in Q1 2013

Top 10 IPTV countries

There has been no change to the order of the top ten ranking of countries by number of IPTV subscriber since we reported at the end of 2012. China continues to lead the way in Q1 2013 with 21.08m subscribers with France in second place on 13.8m and USA in third place with 10.81m subscribers.

top 10 IPTV countries in Q1 2013 - Point Topic

Figure 3: Top 10 IPTV countries in Q1 2013

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