Global IPTV subscriber numbers – Q3 2014

108m IPTV subscriptions worldwide at the end of Q3 2014

Point Topic tracks the take-up of IPTV subscription services across the globe every quarter. This report looks at the latest growth trends up to the end of Q3 2014.

Global IPTV growth and net additions

At the end of September 2014, there were 108.2m IPTV subscriptions across the globe. Growth for the quarter stood at 4.2%, marginally down on the 4.3% growth recorded for the two previous quarters. IPTV growth in the last 12 months reached 18.9% with 17.2m new subscriptions being added since Q3 2013.

Please be aware that this report only includes own brand IPTV services offered directly by the broadband operators themselves and does not include ‘over the top’ or ‘through the middle’ services such as NetFlix or Amazon Prime.Global IPTV growth and trends Q3 2014

Figure 1: Global IPTV subscriber numbers and growth to Q3 2014. Source – Point Topic


IPTV market share by global region

Predictably East Asia leads the way in the regional IPTV market share stakes with 47.32%. Europe Other is in second place with 28.67% with North America in third place with 13.80%.

Regional IPTV subscriber shares Q3 2014Figure 2: IPTV market shares by global region in Q3 2014. Source – Point Topic


Top 10 IPTV countries

China continues to dominate the IPTV subscriptions by country list with 35m. France is in second place on 15.3m and the United States third with 13m. The lower portion of the top 10 chart is more congested with just 0.4m subscriptions separating the United Kingdom, Canada and the Netherlands.

Top 10 IPTV countries in Q3 2014 Figure 3: Top 10 IPTV countries in Q3 2014. Source – Point Topic

Get access to the data used in this report

The data used in this report is taken from Point Topic’s Global Broadband Statistics service which includes more detailed subscriber numbers at both country and operator level. Please telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail for more details.

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