IPTV Subscribers – Market Analysis Q3 2015

IPTV subscribers continue to grow in Q3 2015

The growth rate of IPTV subscribers has recovered in Q3 2015 compared to Q2 2015 and was the second highest in the last 18 months to 30 September 2015. The net additions in Q3 2015 were the highest since the second quarter of 2014. They were boosted to a large extent by the usual suspects such as China.

As might be expected such a strong quarter has again increased the proportion of fixed line subscribers who also take an IPTV service, generally from their broadband operator.

Overall Global Growth

IPTV subscribers continue to grow faster than fixed broadband in percentage terms.  Coming from a lower base this isn’t unexpected but at the same time IPTV faces stiff competition from OTT providers as well as satellite, terrestrial and cable TV networks. Netflix and other similar providers are certainly affecting the markets where they are present. The fact that in recent months Netflix expanded their presence from 60 to more than 190 countries makes them a serious global player. At the same time, focus on the newly acquired satellite TV services meant that the US giant AT&T saw its IPTV subscribers decline 1.5% quarter on quarter.

It must be remembered that this analysis covers video services purchased from an operator, usually as part of a bundle of services, and so excludes Netflix and similar OTT providers.

1Regional Trends

We have explored the regional market shares of the global IPTV subscriber market. As expected East Asia continues at the top of the regional ratings, consistently with more net adds and higher growth rates than anywhere else. However, while regional growth rates changed little since Q2 2015, things may change going forward following Netflix’s global expansion, especially to countries like India and Russia.


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