IPTV Subscribers – Market Analysis Q4 2015

IPTV subscribers continue to grow in Q4 2015

The IPTV subscriber growth rate has recovered in Q4 2015 compared to Q3 2015 and was the highest in the last eight quarters to 31 December 2015.

IPTV Subscribers – Growth Trends in Q4 2015

The net additions of 6 million are the highest in 24 months to end-2015. They were boosted to a large extent by the usual suspects such as China, which saw 3.7 million new IPTV subscribers sign up in Q4 2015.

IPTV subscribers and growth

Figure 1: World IPTV subscriber numbers and quarterly growth. Source – Point Topic

The high quarterly growth of the global IPTV customer base has again increased the proportion of fixed broadband subscribers who also take an IPTV service, generally from their broadband operator. IPTV subscribers continue to grow faster than fixed broadband in percentage terms. Coming from a lower base as well as being a later entrant this is not unexpected. At the same time, focus on the newly acquired satellite TV services meant that the US giant AT&T saw its IPTV subscribers decline further, by 4.1% quarter on quarter. Nevertheless, countries such as Spain, Brazil and Turkey recorded quarterly growth in double digits.IPTV subscribers vs broadband

Figure 2: World IPTV subscriber numbers as a percentage of fixed broadband market. Source – Point Topic

Regional trends

As expected East Asia continues at the top of the regional ratings, consistently with more net adds and higher growth rates than anywhere else. In addition, quarterly growth rates have gone up in all regions except North America, where the change in technology focus of such large providers as AT&T had a significant impact.

IPTV subscribers - regional growth

Figure 3: Net additions and quarterly growth by region (bubble area represents subscriber volume in Q4 2015. Source – Point Topic

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