Mapping broadband coverage in Latvia

Broadband Coverage in Europe in 2011 - key results for Latvia

One of the European Union’s most ambitious targets is to make sure that all its citizens can get access to superfast broadband at home, if they choose, by 2020. A new study by broadband specialists Point Topic shows Latvia is now nearly 61% towards achieving that aim.

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National coverage by broadband technology – Latvia

Latvia broadband coverage by technology combination - BCE 2011

Latvia broadband coverage by technology combination – BCE 2011

Latvia’s broadband infrastructure presents a mixed picture.  Total NGA coverage is well ahead of average at 61%.  Total and Rural HSPA is also high, at 99% and 97%.  But Total and Rural Standard coverage is below average (90% and 67%) and the project found no evidence of Rural NGA.

As the technology profile shows this unusual distribution results from having the highest FTTP coverage of all the study countries, at 61%.  The strength in FTTP makes up to some extent for the low coverage of DSL and provides all Latvia’s NGA coverage.  Although there are quite extensive cable networks in Latvia they are not offering Docsis 3 services as yet and there is no VDSL activity.  WiMAX also fills in some of the gaps in DSL coverage but it is largely confined to urban areas.  LTE service has started as well but it is also providing only urban coverage so far.

Latvia superfast broadband coverage map

Latvia superfast broadband coverage map

Latvia is also one of the countries which does not have distribution available for KA-band satellite broadband.  This leaves its rural areas, home to 32% of the population, served only by DSL and HSPA.  But the high coverage of the latter should mean that less than 3% of homes are entirely without broadband access.

NGA broadband maps for Latvia

Latvia has 100% standard broadband coverage in the capital, Riga, and 95% in the surrounding region (Pieriga).  The western region (Kurzeme) follows on 89% while the other three regions each have about 79% standard coverage.

NGA coverage, which is entirely dependent on FTTP networks at present, shows a similar pattern.  TheRiga region leads on 89%, followed by Pieriga on 76%, Kurzeme on 58% and the others on 32%.

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Point Topic maps broadband coverage in every square kilometre across Europe. For more details, please visit the Broadband Competition Map of Europe page or contact Tim Johnson at or telephone +44(0)20 3301 3303.

Data tables for Latvia


Statistic National
Population 2,270,894
Persons per household 2.7
Rural proportion 31.5%

Coverage by technology

Technology Total Rural
DSL 89.0% 67.0%
VDSL 0.0% 0.0%
FTTP 60.8% 0.0%
WiMAX 31.6% 0.0%
Standard cable 33.1% 0.0%
Docsis 3 cable 0.0% 0.0%
HSPA 99.0% 97.0%
LTE 2.4% 0.0%
Satellite 0.0% 0.0%
Standard Combination 89.6% 67.0%
NGA Combination 60.8% 0.0%



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