Mapping broadband coverage in Malta

Broadband Coverage in Europe in 2011 - key results for Malta

One of the European Union’s most ambitious targets is to make sure that all its citizens can get access to superfast broadband at home, if they choose, by 2020. A new study by broadband specialists Point Topic shows Malta is already close to achieving that aim.

Point Topic – Broadband Coverage in Europe in 2011 – Malta

National coverage by broadband technology – Malta

Malta broadband coverage by technology combination - BCE 2011

Malta broadband coverage by technology combination – BCE 2011

Malta is by far the smallest in land area and most densely populated of the study countries.  It has no rural areas by the definitions used for the project.  Coverage of standard broadband, NGA and HSPA is all 100% or virtually so.

As for the individual technologies, DSL, WiMAX and Standard Cable all cover the whole or almost the whole of the two main islands which make up the country.  The cable network is fully upgraded to Docsis 3 so NGA has almost 100% coverage.

Malta superfast broadband coverage map

Malta superfast broadband coverage map

VDSL is also being rapidly rolled out across the whole telephone network but the NRA points out that it is not able to identify whether actual connections are VDSL or ADSL2+.  Against this background, FTTP has not yet found a niche and LTE is still in the future.

NGA broadband maps for Malta

Malta comprises two NUTS 3 areas, being the main island of Malta and the smaller islands of Gozo and Comino respectively.  The combination of DSL, cable and WiMAX ensure 100% standard broadband coverage while Docsis 3 is the leading NGA medium, giving 99% coverage.

Data tables for Malta


Statistic National
Population 410,290
Persons per household 2.856
Rural proportion 0.0%

Coverage by technology

Technology Total Rural
DSL 99.0%
VDSL 75.0%
FTTP 0.0%
WiMAX 99.9%
Standard cable 98.5%
Docsis 3 cable 98.5%
HSPA 99.0%
LTE 0.0%
Satellite 100.0%
Standard Combination 99.9%
NGA Combination 99.3%








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Point Topic maps broadband coverage in every square kilometre across Europe. For more details, please visit the Broadband Competition Map of Europe page or contact Tim Johnson at or telephone +44(0)20 3301 3303.

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