Mobile market shares in Europe

The state of the mobile markets in Europe

An interactive map featuring market shares of the European mobile operators by total number of mobile subscriptions

The world is moving towards seamless internet access covering all cities, towns, hills and valleys across most countries, with Europe leading the trend. So it should not be a surprise that we are extending our data collection and analysis efforts to provide context and insight as fixed, mobile (4G and soon 5G) and fixed broadband services converge.

Below is the first output in this category that Point Topic are making available. This interactive map features market shares of the European mobile operators by total number of mobile subscriptions, including voice and data. These countries vary greatly by how dominant their leading mobile operators are. For example, the incumbent’s market share in Norway, Portugal, Luxembourg and Austria varies from 45% to 55%.  At the other end of the scale, markets such as Ireland, Italy, Germany and Poland are much more equally split between different players.

Mobile market shares in turn have implications for mobile broadband user distribution among operators, although the correlation is not always straightforward. We will be publishing the mobile broadband market share data in the near future.

Note: To see the figures please click on the specific country. The figures were last updated in Q4 2016, though the actual reporting period vary by country.

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