The relative risk of broadband non-adoption

Digital deprivation in England - the local government view

Point Topic’s research has revealed that it doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a rural or urban area there is real and potential digital deprivation everywhere.

As we have outlined in a previous analysis piece, “The who, where and why of Digital Deprivation in the UK“, now the UK is moving towards 95 per cent fixed ‘superfast’ coverage before the end of the decade attention has been shifting to those for whom the physical availability of a network is not the only barrier to adoption.

Point Topic’s Chief Executive will be presenting a view of the Digital Deprivation Index in the 8th Social Digital Research Symposium (run by the Tinder Foundation and supported by the LSE) on Friday 7th Feb 2014 which will follow up on some of the themes from the previous Symposium and present a view of the potential risk for the non-adoption of broadband in particular around England.

Digital Deprivation is urban and rural – the risk is countrywide

Analysis of the data generated from the model reveals the next stage of addressing the issue of non-adoption. Focus has quite rightly been on the actual supply of a service with much of the country still waiting for a suitable service.

However supply isn’t the only barrier to adoption and analysis of the extensive research around non-adoption over the years has enabled Point Topic to provide more insight into the areas that have traditionally been considered ‘safe’ when it comes to digital deprivation.

Surrey by lower super output areas – relative risk of non-adoption (high rank = more risk)

A précis of the full report, available as part of a local government package from Point Topic, can be downloaded from the link below.

Local government will be keen to see the digital divide addressed not least as they bear much of the responsibility for their local areas.  We also present a view of the Local Authority level risks of non-adoption which highlights the regional variations and emphasises the risk of non-adoption in many urban areas.

The source data can be downloaded for the Local Authority level map and a guide to the index is included in the paper below.

England – Digital Deprivation Index (DDI) by local authority


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The full version of this report and all data is available to local government subscribers to Point Topic’s UK Plus service.  Please e-mail or telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 for more details.

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