UK broadband availability – free local authority dataset

Compare UK broadband availability

For the first time, Point Topic is making its UK broadband availability database available to non-subscribers. Access the full local authority database and scorecard in this report.

Every six months, Point Topic updates its database of UK broadband availability and take-up. The full unit postcode database is available to our UK Broadband Mapping subscribers.

For the first time, Point Topic is offering our local authority broadband availability database to anyone who registers on the Point Topic website.

Download the full database and local authority scorecard here (version 1.2)

Point Topic - broadband throughput speed Dec 2012
Compare each local authority at the end of 2012:

  • How many premises are offered LLU services? How many premises are covered by Sky and TalkTalk?
  • How many premises are covered by BT’s 21CN or ADSL Max technologies?
  • Is cable available in this area?
  • How many premises are a target for BT’s FTTx services? Which technology will be provided?
  • Do ‘alternative’ networks provide FTTx services in this area, and if so who?
  • What is the typical modem sync speed provided in this area? What is the typical throughput speed received by users? What is the top speed that users can receive, through any technology?
  • What is the typical distance between premises in this area and their local exchange? What is the typical local loop length?
  • How likely is it that FTTx services will be rolled out in this area over the next five years? How many premises will be left behind?

Note Version 1.2 updates some earlier errors identified in the initial database, released on 14 May 2013.

All changes made have been summarised within the spreadsheet, tab ‘version control’.

More information can be found in our UK Broadband Mapping service. Please e-mail or telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 to find out more.