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Point Topic has been mapping superfast broadband coverage in Europe since 2011

The view you need of broadband in Europe

Point Topic’s European Broadband Markets Service is the leading source of broadband market data for Europe.  The service provides coverage and take-up data for each province in 32 European countries.  Besides a complete picture of the present day it provides forecast to 2020 for coverage, take-up and other factors.  The datasets and reports combine authority and completeness at low cost.

Who uses the service, and why

The supply and demand of broadband will be a key question for Europe in the next decade. Gigabit connectivity is a driving element for innovation and investment in both home and work environments.

Point Topic helps a range of clients understand the market, gain interest and insight and contribute to plans for Europe from local to national to EC projects.

Broadband service providers can develop their strategy.  Where can we best grow our superfast customer base?  How can we maximize our market share?

Marketing internet services can discover where to target for best effect.  Where can we promise users a good OTT experience? How can we benchmark our success?

Broadband vendors can profile and scale their markets.  Where is the potential demand? What volumes are likely? How will user needs vary between markets?

Policy makers can identify the priorities for intervention. Which areas need it most? What are their likely funding needs? What are the technology options?

Investors can find the best opportunities. Where is investment needed? Which choices are best taking scale, competition and local factors into account?

European Broadband Markets 

Breadth of Coverage 

The Point Topic service brings together a wide range of data from many different sources. The same data fields are provided for each of over 1,400 provinces in 32 different countries.  Users can see how broadband needs and take-up vary within a country, even between urban and rural areas in a province. No other source combines this breadth of coverage and depth of detail.

Proprietary Research

Point Topic’s proprietary research on broadband coverage and take-up is also unique. Developed through key contracts with the European Commission and the European Space Agency, Point Topic’s database is now an independent product, not constrained by issues of commercial confidentiality or official policy. Clients are free to use the data for marketing, competitive analysis or benchmarking as they wish.

Multiple innovations

Key innovations have made the Point Topic service possible. Point Topic was the first to map broadband across Europe at province level and below. We developed our European Kilometre Grid to enable finer granularity in mapping. Using the EKG we can plot the difference between urban and rural areas in each province – vitally important for broadband coverage. Data-led research and linear modelling allows us to optimise estimates for broadband take-up across provinces. We combine reliable base data with a suite of simple forecasting tools to produce robust forecasts for future broadband.

Realistic Pricing

Not least, European Broadband Markets is realistically priced. New subscribers to Point Topic services can access their chosen parts of the dataset from £1,900 , €2,500, US$2,900.

What the service provides

Coverage data for every province

The dataset includes all the 28 countries of the European Union plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Turkey. It provides broadband coverage and take-up data for each of the 1,437 provinces in these 32 countries. Provinces are defined to match the EC’s ‘NUTS3’ classification. This means that comprehensive and consistent statistics are available on every ‘NUTS3 area’.

Comprehensive datasets

The European Broadband Market datasets provide a unique picture of the current status and future of broadband in Europe. Present-day tables include over 40 different variables for each province, divided by geography, demographics, broadband coverage, broadband take-up and demand indicators. Forecast tables include fixed-line coverage, LTE coverage, businesses and take-up. Specific countries can be added to your dataset requirements.

Country profiles

Short verbal overviews of the broadband market situation in each country by technology and major operators.

EBM Product Outline

Request more details

The Broadband Competition Map is available as a complete package to include data for all 32 countries. Alternatively, individual data sets for selected countries can be purchased separately. Please get in touch for more details.

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