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Universal broadband would mean unlocking a forty billion euro opportunity for European businesses

October 21, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

The results of the latest research conducted by Point Topic and Adroit Economics points to a Euro40bn opportunity for the SMEs in Europe by the end of the decade.  Extending work recently conducted for the European Commission BRESAT project has revealed significant potential for growth and productivity.

“Today broadband is an indispensable tool for governments, businesses and populations in any part of Europe.  The benefits that accrue and the services that are enabled by broadband are legion.  Working with Adroit …


Broadband now installed in more than seven hundred million homes worldwide

October 6, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

Broadband now installed in more than seven hundred million homes worldwide

The latest milestone in the relentless march of high speed internet access was passed at the end of June this year as the total number of households with a broadband line came to 700.2 million.

“Consumers love the bits and bytes delivered by the internet and they are being put to use throughout homes and offices worldwide. Broadband at home is the norm in many markets and we are …


Superfast altnets developing a long-term outlook

September 2, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

The UK’s alternative superfast network operator market looks buoyant with new investment flowing in from a variety of sources, and new relationships being built between network operators and service providers. These are the findings from a new report reviewing the past six months in country’s superfast broadband sector.

“There is a real buzz in UK superfast broadband with prospects looking good for several of the country’s alternative network operators,” says Annelise Berendt, Principal Associate at Point Topic, which has been


Five million customers waiting for something to buy

June 10, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

A new broadband mapping report reveals a huge opportunity – which no-one is yet taking up. Over five million British homes and businesses are already paying for superfast broadband services. But there is little sign that anybody is yet trying to sell superfast content or applications to this huge market of prosperous consumers.

“There’s been a massive shift in technology in this country in only three years,” says Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive of Point Topic, which has been mapping UK


Free wifi and more, coming to a town centre near you

June 4, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

Local authorities across the UK are leveraging wireless concessions to get community networks built free of charge to the taxpayer. Last week’s news that international wireless specialist Gowex is to roll out a wifi network across public areas in Newcastle is the latest in a series of announcements by councils in several major cities as well as smaller regional and seaside towns.

“Wifi has had several false starts in various locations around the UK. A number of projects have failed