Case Studies

Point Topic’s services are essential to organisations who either work directly with broadband or deliver services that rely on broadband.

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Our clients include

  • Internet service providers use our data to identify the best opportunities for their technology or offering, and to market it with maximum effectiveness.
  • In our recent work with the European Space Agency, we looked at how much it would cost to deliver superfast broadband to all citizens in the EU 28 using FTTH, satellite and LTE broadband services.
  • Point Topic can help local and national governments plan, implement and monitor their efforts to leverage the benefits of broadband. Find out more about our work with policy makers and regulatorsPoint Topic is particularly proud of our recent work with the European Commission, which we believe provided the best view so far achieved of broadband coverage in Europe.
  • Point Topic gives broadband vendors information about the business environment they are working in. But every vendor is different so the details vary for each company.
  • We have recently completed some very successful trials with IPTV providers, who have been using Point Topic’s data to target their marketing activity at people with high-speed broadband services. This is one example of the benefit that marketers can get from our data.