Broadband take-up and operator market shares in the UK in 2016

Broadband adoption in the UK continues to increase.  Growth for superfast,  aginst a net negative in ‘standard’ (read ADSL) lines took the UK to over 25 million lines in June 2016.

We publish this data quarterly at national, technology and ISP level.

Group market shares













Benchmarks and intersections

As part of our rolling research in the UK we track the deployments of the various ISPs, incumbents, alt-nets and other projects. We poll our lists quarterly and publish a Superfast Projects directory that allows us to generate an accurate and up to date map of deployments and intersections of those footprints.

This is then used to generate a bench mark market share at postcode level.

What we don’t have access to is the local variance by ISP of take-up. We know for example that TalkTalk have traditionally had good relative penetration in Scotland. However we don’t have a reliable, quantifiable, updatable source for that or for the other ISPs.

Our postcode level (and above) market share represents the benchmark that a supplier would expect to have given their overall subscriber base, their footprint and the competition they face in each set of intersections (BT v Sky v TT but no VM or altnets for example).

For example part of Virgin Media’s Project Lightning is to achieve 40% and above market share where they are present. As at June 2016 our models indicate that, at Local Authority level, they have yet to achieve that. However they do have the largest market share of any ISP in 11 Local Authorities:

Figure 1: Market leading ISP by Local Authority:


Slough, Stevenage, Dudley, Luton, Worthing, North East Lincolnshire, Hillingdon, Richmond upon Thames, Havant, Portsmouth, Broxtowe are the only ones in the UK where BT aren’t on top according to our benchmark.

Figure 2: Virgin Media market share by exchange

Virgin Media market shares by exchange2

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