Broadband tariff country scorecard – Q1 2015

Country rankings for residential broadband services

We compare the entry level and average monthly tariffs for residential broadband services in 86 countries. The data includes services offered over copper, cable and fibre networks in Q1 2015.

Point Topic’s latest broadband tariff country scorecard compares entry level and average tariffs from the pool of 3,086 residential broadband services from operators in 86 countries that we tracked in Q1 2015. The chart below shows our findings. The countries at the top of the chart are the countries offering the lowest (best) tariffs.

Albania and Iran lead the way in first and second place for the entry level tariff ranking although both countries would be further down the table if the countries were ranked by the average price rather than the lowest price of residential services (see average tariff rank column). Japan, Belarus and Russia are the only countries who appear in the top 10 lists for both the entry level tariffs and average tariff rankings.

Broadband residential tariff country scorecard Q1 2015

Figure 1: Residential broadband tariff country scorecard for Q1 2015. Source Point Topic

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