Croatia broadband overview

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Point Topic updates its database of broadband subscriber numbers at country, region, operator and technology level every 3 months. In this free report, we provide an overview of the broadband market in Croatia at the end of Q4 2013.

Croatia broadband summary

There were 0.92 million fixed broadband subscribers in Croatia at the end of Q4 2013. The annual growth rate was 3.78% while population penetration had climbed to 20.94%.

Croatia - Total Broadband & GrowthFigure 1: Croatia fixed broadband subscriber numbers, growth and population penetration

Croatia broadband growth comparison

The Croatian fixed broadband market grew by 3.78% in 2013, below the European average growth rate for the same period. Broadband penetration in the country stands at a respectable 20.94% but there is certainly potential for future growth if investment is forthcoming.

Croatia broadband growth comparisonFigure 2: Croatia fixed broadband annual growth comparison

Croatia ISP market shares

The Croatian fixed broadband sector is dominated by Hrvatski Telecom who had a 68% share of the market at the end of 2013. was the next biggest player with a 11.8% share of the market.

Croatia - Operator Retail Market Share Q4 2013Figure 3: Croatia ISP market shares in Q4 2013

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