Finland broadband market: availability, take-up, and pricing

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Broadband take-up in Finland

There were 1.8 million fixed broadband subscribers in Finland at the end of Q2 2020. The annual growth rate stood at 3.6%, while population penetration reached 32.8%.

Figure 1: Broadband subscriber numbers, growth and penetration in Finland. Source: Point Topic.

Finland broadband subscriber growth in the regional context

The annual growth of the Finnish fixed broadband market in Q2 2020 was just above the regional average of 2.26% (Table 1). The penetration of fixed broadband in the country has not reached saturation yet, so growth in the fixed broadband take-up is expected to continue. Having said that, the launch of 5G mobile broadband has created a serious alternative for fixed. DNA has made 5G available to more than 1.2 million people (around one fifth of the population), aiming for 1.5 million by the end of 2020. Elisa Finland reports coverage of over 1.6 million people (more than a quarter of the population), while Telia Finland claims that some 1.4 million people now have access to 5G.

Table 1. Growth of fixed broadband subscribers in Finland in the context of regional growth (Q2 2020). Source: Point Topic.

Finland ISP market shares

Three major ISPs dominate Finland’s fixed broadband market – Elisa with 32.3%, DNA with 31.8% and Telia with 24.8% market shares (Q2 2020).

Figure 2. Finland ISP market shares, Q2 2020. Source: Point Topic.

Broadband coverage in Finland

VDSL is the most widely available NGA[1] broadband technology in Finland, albeit its coverage has remained stable since 2014. FTTP and Docsis 3 are closely matched in the second place, although the latter’s footprint has been declining.

Table 2. Evolution of fixed broadband coverage in Finland, % of households. Source: Point Topic.

[1] Next generation access

There is still headroom for subscriber growth in the VDSL, FTTP and Docsis 3 segments, with overall fixed broadband penetration among households standing at merely 71.7% as of Q2 2020. However, 5G will pose serious competition to fixed broadband services.

Figure 3. Change in FTTP take-up and availability in Finland (% of households). Source: Point Topic.

Figure 4. Evolution of VDSL broadband subscriptions and availability in Finland (% of households). Source: Point Topic.

Broadband pricing and speed trends in Finland

Driven by increasing availability of ultrafast broadband tariffs with speeds in hundreds of Mbps and 1Gbps, the average download speed in Finland has increased by 13 times between 2012 and 2020. Over the same period, the average monthly price of fixed broadband has gone up by 37%.

Figure 5. Evolution of residential fixed broadband subscription and downstream speed in Finland, 2012-2020. (Residential standalone and bundled broadband tariffs). Source: Point Topic.

At the same time, broadband tariffs vary significantly depending on the technology and downstream bandwidth.

Figure 6. Residential standalone broadband tariffs by technology, Finland, Q2 2020. Source: Point Topic.

Figure 7. Residential bundled broadband tariffs by technology, Finland, Q2 2020. Source: Point Topic.

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