Gigabit broadband coverage map 2017

An interactive map showing broadband coverage enabling 1Gbps theoretical download speeds

Point Topic have published a map showing 1Gbps broadband coverage by location and technology around the world. The map is based on the announcements from 2017.

Point Topic have been tracking broadband coverage by technology across the globe for a number of years. Below is a geographical representation of the gigabit broadband coverage by technology and location around the world. In this context, we use the term ‘gigabit’ for broadband connections with at least 1Gbps theoretical download speed.

Our interactive map shows the live or soon to be live networks capable of 1Gbps speeds. This is not an exhaustive picture, as it only reflects operator announcements during 2017. However, it gives an idea of the scale, technology choices and geographic areas of ultrafast broadband rollouts. Given the number of cable broadband ISPs in the US for example, it is not surprising to see that Docsis3.1 is the dominant technology used to provide ultrafast connections. Europe and Asia meanwhile favour FTTP as the technology of choice. The map also reflects a number of 5G trials, with the first commercial launches promised for 2018.

It should be noted that some locations are missing from the above map due to the limited Tableau location granularity but the full dataset of coverage by location for 2017 is available from Point Topic.

We hope our data contributes further to understanding the latest trends in broadband coverage globally. Keeping open and up to date information sets available is essential to competition and consumer choice in all markets.

To see the larger scale image, click here

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We are capable of providing full datasets as well as interactive maps of ultrafast and superfast broadband coverage by technology at the provincial and metro area level for a number of countries, including the data going back further than 2017. To discuss your requirements, please telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail