Global IPTV subscriber numbers – Q4 2014

117.39m IPTV subscriptions worldwide at year end

Point Topic tracks the take-up of IPTV subscription services across the globe every quarter. This report looks at the latest growth trends up to the end of Q4 2014.

Global IPTV growth and net additions

There were 117.39m IPTV subscribers worldwide at the end of Q4 2014 according to Point Topic’s latest research. Strong growth continued with a second consecutive quarterly increase of 4.1% recorded. When reading this report, please remember that it only includes IPTV services offered as part of a bundled broadband service by an operator tracked by Point Topic. The performances of ‘OTT’ IPTV service providers such as NetFlix and Amazon Prime are not included in this analysis.

Global IPTV trends to Q4 2014 - source Point Topic

Figure 1: Global IPTV subscriber numbers and growth to Q4 2014. Source – Point Topic

IPTV market share by global region

The East Asia region continues to dominate the IPTV landscape with a 44.46% share of the global market in Q4 2014. This is hardly surprising given that the region includes three of the top 10 individual countries (China, South Korea and Japan). The Europe Other region is in second place with a 29.2% share of the global market. Of particular note in the Europe Other region is the continued amazing performance of Spain where growth was 19.4% for the quarter (actually a deceleration compared to the previous two quarters).

IPTV market share by global region in Q4 2014 - source Point TopicFigure 2: IPTV market shares by global region in Q4 2014. Source – Point Topic

Top 10 IPTV countries

As mentioned previously, East Asia dominates the top 10 IPTV subscriber country list with China, South Korea and Japan all making an appearance. China leads the way with an unssailable total of 33.6m subscribers. France continues to win the contest with the USA for second position where subscriber totals are 15.4m and 13.3m respectively. Spain, despite three quarters of impressive growth, do not make the chart this time but are expected to enter in early 2015.

Top 10 IPTV countries in Q4 2014

Figure 3: Top 10 IPTV countries in Q4 2014. Source – Point Topic

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