Mapping broadband coverage in Italy

Broadband Coverage in Europe in 2011 - key results for Italy

One of the European Union’s most ambitious targets is to make sure that all its citizens can get access to superfast broadband at home by 2020. A new study by broadband specialists Point Topic shows Italy has started on that road, with nearly 11% of homes having access to superfast broadband if they choose.

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National coverage by broadband technology – Italy

Italy broadband coverage by technology combination - BCE 2011

Italy broadband coverage by technology combination – BCE 2011

Italy’s broadband infrastructure is ahead of the European averages for Total Standard Coverage and HSPA.  It is also well ahead of average in Rural Standard Coverage, on 89% against 78%.  But it lags slightly in Rural HSPA and it is 27th of the study countries for Total NGA Coverage, on 10.7%.

The reasons for this pattern are clear from the technology profile.  Italy has above average DSL coverage (97%) and one of the highest figures for WiMAX availability in the study countries (60%).  These two together provide basic broadband coverage across the country as a whole.

Italy broadband coverage map

Italy broadband coverage map

But the country has no cable network and hence no Docsis 3.  The NGA gap was filled to some extent by the development of one of Europe’s first major FTTP services.  Since then the pace of growth has slowed so that FTTP coverage is now below the European average level, but it should pick up again with the entry of other operators into the market.  However there is no sign of VDSL rollout as yet, leaving FTTP as the only fixed NGA option.  LTE is also not yet available in Italy.

The effects are clear in the rural sector where Italy is one of seven study countries which have no identified rural NGA coverage at all.  But the extensive WiMAX networks mean that rural current-generation demand is reasonably well met.

Broadband maps for Italy

Italy has high and, as far as current data goes, fairly uniform standard broadband coverage.  The two most densely populated regions, Milan and Naples have 100% coverage.  All the rest have at least 96%.

Italy’s NGA coverage mainly reflects the rollout of its pioneering FTTP network.  Milan, where it started, has 55% coverage.  Fourteen more regions, home to Italy’s other big cities, have between 35% and 10%.  Another four have about 1% and the remaining 88 have nothing so far.

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Data tables for Italy


Persons per household2.4
Rural proportion13.6%

Coverage by technology

Standard cable0.0%0.0%
Docsis 3 cable0.0%0.0%
Standard Combination98.5%89.0%
NGA Combination10.7%0.0%