Mapping UK broadband take up – Q4 2012

Broadband take-up estimates for every UK postcode

Every six months, Point Topic estimates broadband take-up in every postcode in the UK. In our new free report, we analyse the UK's broadband subscriber market at the end of 2012.


Every six months, Point Topic estimates UK broadband take up in every postcode in the UK.

We look at the expected market share of every major operator for consumers and businesses. We estimate take-up of different fixed broadband technologies, and include estimates of DSL lines sold through BT Wholesale and through LLU operators.

We understand patterns in broadband take-up across the country. This allows us to identify areas where take-up is lower than we would expect, and where operators should expect to see significant headroom.

The full report describes our model of broadband take-up at the end of December 2012 and some of the key outputs. If you have any questions, or if you would like to access our full database of broadband availability and take-up in every UK postcode, please get in touch.

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Point Topic - UK broadband subscriber maps

Operator market share across the UK

Our maps allow us to evaluate the expected market share of operators within any UK postcode. In this section, we look at national and regional operator market shares.

Point Topic - UK broadband operator market share - Q4 2012

Retail market share for operators by country. Source – Point Topic

 Point Topic - UK regional broadband operator market share - Q4 2012

Retail market share for operators by region. Source – Point Topic

We can make comparisons with our last published dataset to estimate where operators have gained and lost market share between June and December 2012. There will be many reasons for the shifts in market share between operators in different regions, but the biggest change in the period has been the growth of superfast subscriber numbers.

BT Retail seems to be gaining most of its market share in the South West, East of England and South East. This is particularly at the expense of Virgin Media, although other operators are experiencing loses.

BT Retail has lost most market share in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Sky and Virgin Media both appear to have gained customers in these countries. In Northern Ireland, BT’s fibre deployment has been active for some time. It seems that after an initial influx of subscribers, other operators are now starting to catch-up.

Sky’s biggest gains have been in London, where it appears to have taken market share from BT. In the North East, Virgin Media is gaining market share at the expense of both Sky and TalkTalk. TalkTalk has gained its biggest market share in Northern Ireland and Wales, in both cases it appears at the expense of BT.

Point Topic - UK regional broadband operator market share shifts - Q2 to Q4 2012

Changes in retail market share for operators by region, June to December 2012. Source – Point Topic

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More information on the geographical availability and take-up of UK broadband services can be found in Point Topic’s UK Broadband Mapping service. Please e-mail [email protected] or telephone 020 3301 3303 for more details.