Project Lightning November 2015 Update

Project Lightning in Scotland

We’ve been tracking the Virgin Media plans around the country relying primarily on inputs from the Local Authorities on the registered roadworks in their areas. In this report we take a look at Scotland.

The dataset below (4 Nov) tracks a total of 1200 dig announcements.

Below we have a 1KM circle around each dig point to date across Scotland. We then look at those postcodes that are close to the dig sites. All postcodes within these circles are possible and likely targets.


You can see how the green points (a postcode centroid) can be captured by the dig centroid (purple shield) and a buffer (red circle).

In reality we’re much more restrictive when it comes to marking a postcode as actually having Virgin Media available.  At the moment we expect the candidates to be restricted to within 100m radius of the dig point but those that are within 1KM are given more weighting when it comes to the projected total deployment to 4B premises.

We can then overlay population densities and again adjust weighting for postcodes within the same metro area (contiguous areas of profitably dense populations)

It won’t always be the case that all the nearby areas get a deployment.  Will Gourock, Ashton and Midtown get cable or are the local works just about the existing postcodes and those very close by?  Non cable postcodes in dark green.Untitled

Dig sites and current Virgin Media postcodes

Edinburgh and Glasgow are seeing plenty of activity but so are Dundee and Perth.  Once again we’re seeing the same pattern where the bulk of the work is in existing postcodes (~80%) but there are divergences.  As you can see there is no sign of development of the bridge to Stirling or Alloa yet but it would open a nice seam of suitable deployment targets.


We did double check a couple of postcodes in/around Stirling and there is no Virgin Media cable available locally in our database at the moment.

Out on it’s own – the power to pop

Two sites of interest where Virgin Media seem to be deploying Project Lightning were Kintillo, in Perth, and the Bridge of Earn.

3This is a compact area with a school, which is likely to be on an existing cable run to/from Perth to the north. There is plenty of new build here and it is seems to be a very similar story to the Middleton instance from the last review.

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More information on the activities of  Virgin Media can be found in Point Topic’s UK Plus service, the full report has been published on the subscriber site. For further information please contact [email protected].