Residential broadband tariff benchmarks – Q1 2015

Global and regional tariff benchmarks for residential broadband services

This report compares the cost of residential broadband services across different access technologies and looks at the price and speed variations in different global regions in Q1 2015.

Global residential broadband tariff picture

According to Point Topic’s latest research, the global average price per megabit for residential broadband services was US$1.23 in Q1 2015, a decrease of 1.6% on the previous quarter. Services delivered over copper networks continue to be by far the most expensive and are now more than ten times pricier than those delivered over cable or fibre networks. Copper networks tend to be relatively limited in the speeds they can offer but, when they are the only option in some territories, they can get away with charging high prices for their services.

Broadband residential services, average cost per megabit by technology in Q1 2015 - source Point TopicFigure 1: Residential broadband cost per megabit in Q1 2015. Source – Point Topic.

Residential broadband prices and bandwidths by region

Asia-Pacific has regained the dominant position for the best combination of bandwidth and average price as the operators in the region continue to promote FTTH and FTTx services. Western Europe closely follows as it pushes FTTx and, in the not too distant future, will start rolling out

Both bundled and standalone residential broadband services were included in this study. The size of the bubbles in the chart below varies according to the number of services tracked.

Residential broadband tariffs and speeds by region in Q1 2015 - source Point Topic
Figure 2: Comparing residential broadband speeds and tariffs by global region in Q1 2015. Source – Point Topic

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