Residential broadband tariffs – ranking by country in Q1 2018

Country ranking by residential broadband tariffs

Point Topic compared the entry level, median and average residential broadband tariffs across different countries in Q1 2018.

Ranking countries using the average cost of broadband tariffs is a straightforward idea but the variation in entry level versus median and average costs can be significant. To help provide an easy way of comparing directly we have taken the PPP data on the entry level, median and average tariffs, produced rankings and then compared the variance.

We have included a ‘variance’ column to indicate how different ranks for the different metrics are spread.  So we see that the wide spread in Brazil or India in the chart above (big differences in entry level, average and median tariffs) is represented by high variance.  At the other end of the variance scale countries like Russia, Sweden or France rank rather consistently.

However, it should be noted that this is only one set of metrics measuring one aspect of the broadband markets so conclusions should not be drawn in isolation.

Note: Afghanistan and Iran are excluded as outliers.

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