Visualising Broadband Coverage in Europe 2012

    Interactive maps an aid to understanding broadband coverage data

    Visualising data can be difficult. Interactive maps make it easier to get the overall picture and provide a path for insight on individual areas. Here we use Google Fusion to make broadband coverage data for Europe more accessible.

    Point Topic has conducted the Broadband Coverage in Europe research project for the European Commission for the last two years.

    Our work has been published by the EU here and has contributed to the Digital Scoreboard available for each country in the EU.

    Visualising the data has been made more straightforward with the increasing desktop access to mapping.  For example this is the coverage of ‘standard’ (<30Mbps downstream bandwidth) broadband in the EU at the end of 2012

    Map 1: Standard broadband coverage in Europe (<30Mbps) 2012 (% of households)

    And here we show the results from the Next Generation Access portion of the study.

    Map 2: Next Generation Access broadband coverage in Europe (>=30Mbps) 2012 (% of households)

    Outputs like these are made possible by the significant improvement of desktop access to GIS tools. Employed extensively by Point Topic in our analysis and modelling we have been able to bring the data, closer, to life.

    We are developing our outputs for further integration with GIS tools.  We already provide a number of geographical outputs for the UK in our UK Broadband Mapping service as well as in the Broadband Competition Map of Europe and our work for the European Commission.