Broadband Operators & Tariffs

Broadband Operators & Tariffs is an online information resource which allows you to quickly evaluate several thousand different fixed broadband services at operator and country level across the globe.

As well publishing regularly updated tariff databases, we also provide individual broadband reports on countries and leading operators.

Broadband Operators & Tariffs offers excellent value for money by combining world-leading expertise in broadband with a reliable low cost research program.

What is included?

Broadband Operators & Tariffs contains a series of regularly updated databases featuring information on approximately 5,200 different fixed broadband services offered by nearly 400 operators from 90 countries.

Our databases record more than 30 different metrics for each broadband service including access technology, upstream and downstream speeds, data allowance, monthly charges, activation costs and equipment prices – a full metric list can be seen by downloading the Complete broadband tariffs database in the Sample reports section below.

We publish a brand new full tariff database every 6 months to give you the latest information on every operator that we track. At the same time, we also publish additional databases which aggregate the data for business and residential services at country level to allow swift and easy comparison.

The Broadband Operators & Tariffs service also contains individual profiles for 360 leading broadband, IPTV and VoIP operators from 90 countries. Each profile looks at financial performance, company history and key news events over recent years. Profiles are updated every 6 months.

Sample reports:

Sample operator profile (A1 Telekom – taken January 2018)

Sample tariff benchmark report (Q4 2016)

Residential tariffs comparison tool (Q4 2016)

Complete broadband tariffs database (Q4 2016)

Understanding the data:

List of countries, operators & services covered

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How often is the information updated?

  • The broadband, IPTV and VoIP operator profiles are updated every 6 months.
  • The tariff benchmark reports and tariff databases are updated every 6 months.

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How is the information gathered?

Our team of researchers around the world gather information from annual reports, account statements and press releases from broadband operators, service providers and national regulators. We also use a network of contacts at the operators and national regulators who provide information which is often not publicly available.

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Tariff time series add-on

For the first time, Point Topic has made its broadband Tariff Time Series (TTS) available to customers. The comprehensive dataset contains more than 170,000 quarterly fixed broadband tariffs from around the world. They have been offered during 2010-2019 by more than 500 operators from 98 countries.

Our customers currently subscribing to the Broadband Operators and Tariffs (BOT) service can access global TTS dataset for a discounted price. They also get access to the analytical spreadsheets that we have built for France and the UK. These can be used to analyse the data according to own needs and adapted to other countries. The spreadsheets come with ‘How to Use’ instructions.

To access the sample analysis and to learn more about the benefits of TTS and its pricing please click here.

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Prices and request an invoice

12-month online licences are available as two options: 1-5 user licences and corporate (unlimited user) licences. Licence members must belong to the same subscribing company.

Companies purchasing a Point Topic licence for the first time can cancel their purchase within 30 days of order and receive a full refund.  Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Get this service as part of our new cost effective Triple Play package which also includes Mobile Broadband Tariffs and Global Broadband Statistics services:

1 to 5 users3,9605,2204,680
unlimited users7,92010,4409,360

Double Play option, which includes one more service of your choosing is also available:

1 to 5 users3,0804,0603,640
unlimited users6,1608,1207,280

If you prefer to buy this service only, the pricing is as follows:

1 to 5 users2,2002,9002,600
unlimited users4,4005,8005,200

*VAT is added to orders from the UK.

Request an invoice now, or telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail [email protected] for further details.

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