Mobile Broadband Tariffs

Mobile Broadband Tariffs is a regularly updated resource which allows you to access the data on more than 800 4G LTE and LTE Advanced tariffs at operator and country level. We feature tariffs offered by all key mobile network operators from the EU-28 countries, Norway and Switzerland. A number of multi-play tariffs which include mobile broadband services are also featured from across the globe.

What is included in the Mobile Broadband Tariffs service?

  • A dataset of over 800 residential and business LTE tariffs provided by all major mobile operators from EU-28, Norway and Switzerland.
  • A sample of multi-play tariffs offered by fixed broadband providers from various global regions.
  • A tariff tool for easy comparison between countries and regions.
  • The country ranking table comparing residential mobile broadband tariffs by several pricing indicators.
  • Analyst reports summarising key trends across countries and regions.
  • Access to the interactive database which contains downloadable tariff data by operator, country and region as well as dynamic charts and tables.

We will be adding new mobile operators from other regions on a regular basis.

mobile broadband tariffs - country benchmarks

One of the charts from the quarterly analyst report

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What data is tracked?

Residential and business 4G LTE and LTE Advanced tariffs which are offered as sim-only and bundled with other services, for example fixed broadband, TV, voice services, etc. We track only monthly post-paid tariffs and exclude tariffs offered with smartphones and tablets.

The database contains a wealth of different metrics for each 4G LTE mobile broadband tariff, including:

  • access technology
  • upstream and downstream speeds
  • data usage allowance
  • monthly subscription, activation and installation costs
  • details of the bundled device
  • device charges (one-off and monthly if applicable)
  • details of other services (for multi-play packages)
  • length of contract
  • special offers and more

A full metric list can be seen by downloading the mobile broadband tariff dataset below.

Sample mobile broadband tariff dataset (Q4 2017)
The complete list of countries and operators we track as part of this service
Download service brochure

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How often is the information updated?

We publish the updated mobile broadband tariff dataset every 6 months to give you the latest information on every operator that we track. You will also have access to all the historical data.

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Who can benefit from the service?

Point Topic is already helping a range of clients to understand the fixed broadband market in Europe and globally. They can now supplement this knowledge with insights into the mobile broadband market where 4G LTE / LTE advanced services are becoming a norm and the 5G platforms are being developed.

  • Broadband service providers can review their strategy. Do they face a threat from a competitive technology in particular markets, given the ‘cord cutting’ trends? Should they be raising the game to retain and grow their customer base?
  • Mobile network operators can develop their strategy. Where can they best grow their customer base? Where is competitive environment more favourable? Point Topic’s fixed Broadband Operators and Tariffs and Global Broadband Statistics services may provide additional insights.
  • OTT providers and app developers can discover where to target their products for best effect. Where can they promise users a good experience? How can they benchmark their success?
  • Utility companies can scale existing and potential markets for adding broadband to their service portfolio.
  • Mobile broadband equipment and device vendors can profile and scale their markets. Where is lower competition and the potential demand? How will user needs vary between markets?
  • Policy makers can identify the priorities for intervention. Which areas need it most? What are their likely funding needs? What new regulations are needed?
  • Investors can find the best opportunities. Where is investment needed? Which choices are best taking scale, competition and local factors into account?

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Prices and request an invoice

12-month online licences are available as two options: 1-5 user licences and corporate (unlimited user) licences. Licence members must belong to the same subscribing company.

Companies purchasing a Point Topic licence for the first time can cancel their purchase within 30 days of order and receive a full refund.  Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Get this service as part of our new cost effective Triple Play package which also includes Global Broadband Statistics and Broadband Operators and Tariffs services:

1 to 5 users3,9605,2204,680
unlimited users7,92010,4409,360

Double Play option, which includes one more service of your choosing is also available:

1 to 5 users3,0804,0603,640
unlimited users6,1608,1207,280

If you prefer to buy this service only, the pricing is as follows:

1 to 5 users2,2002,9002,600
unlimited users4,4005,8005,200

*VAT is added to orders from the UK.

Telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail [email protected] for further details.

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