Point Topic’s Triple Play package – three products for one price

Following the example of the broadband market players we analyse, Point Topic decided that it is time to offer our customers more value for their money. From now on our subscribers will be able to get even more powerful insights by combining and analysing our extensive datasets on broadband pricing, take-up, coverage and other broadband market intelligence from fixed broadband markets around the world. The 4G LTE tariffs from Europe will help to add to the picture.

What is included in Triple Play?

  • Global Broadband Statistics – a searchable online database containing current and historical quarterly subscriber numbers for over 500 broadband, IPTV and VoIP operators from more than 100 countries.

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  • Broadband Operators & Tariffs contains a series of regularly updated databases featuring more than 5,200 fixed broadband services offered by nearly 400 leading broadband, IPTV and VoIP operators from 90 countries.

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  • Mobile Broadband Tariffs is a regularly updated resource which allows you to access the data on more than 800 4G LTE and LTE Advanced tariffs at operator and country level. Tariffs offered by all key mobile network operators from the EU-28 countries, Norway and Switzerland are included.

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The Double Play option, combining any of the two services, is also available.

What countries Point Topic data covers?

We cover most of the world (marked blue in the map below), with new countries added regularly.

Geography of PT data coverage


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Data application examples

Check the examples of possible application of the tariff, subscriber statistics and other operator & country level data. By combining the data from several products, you can produce powerful analytics and visualisations.

The value of 100Mbp broadband markets

Being able to understand how much revenue can be generated from an area is an important input for anyone’s business plans. As operators across the globe are increasingly focusing on deploying superfast broadband with download speeds of 100Mbps and higher, Point Topic has developed a model that allows to assess potential 100Mbps+ broadband subscription revenues that can be generated in a country – the so called revenue headroom.

Read more in the attached case study and the accompanying spreadsheet.

Point Topic – Case study – Valuing 100 Mbps market 

Point Topic – Valuing 100Mbps market

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Gigabit broadband rollouts in 2017

A map showing 1Gbps broadband coverage by location, operator and technology around the world. The map was last updated in November 2017.

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4G LTE Data Caps and Download Speeds

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Prices and request an invoice

12-month online licences to Triple Play are available as two options: 1-5 user licences and corporate (unlimited user) licences. Licence members must belong to the same subscribing company.

Companies purchasing a Point Topic licence for the first time can cancel their purchase within 30 days of order and receive a full refund.  Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

Triple Play – all three services:

1 to 5 users3,9605,2204,680
unlimited users7,92010,4409,360

Double Play – any two services:

1 to 5 users3,0804,0603,640
unlimited users6,1608,1207,280

*VAT is added to orders from the UK

Telephone +44 (0)20 3301 3303 or e-mail [email protected] for further details or order online now.

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