Wireless Concessions: The wifi opportunity for local government

Spurred on by government intervention and economic forces, local authorities across the UK are adopting a wireless concession strategy to create more connected communities. Wireless Concessions has been produced by Point Topic and Regional Network Solutions, to provide the definitive guide to how to make these projects successful. The result points the way to a new digital strategy for local government and suppliers across the world, not just in the UK. From making the original business case, through building strong partnerships to reaping the benefits, the Wireless Concessions Report provides the practical help and insights which decision makers need.

Why wireless concessions are important

After many false starts, local wifi networks are finally starting to gain traction. A major reason is the developing wireless concession model. By granting concessions, local authorities provide access to their assets – from lamp-posts to public buildings – to wifi network operators.  In return they can gain a long list of benefits.  New revenue streams can be generated. Digital inclusion can be increased.  The costs of delivering council services can be cut. Local economic growth can be stimulated.

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Figure 1: Wireless concession benefits for local authorities

The wifi operators and their customers gain as well. The assets can support small cells and wifi download to fill the gaps in 3G and soon 4G mobile coverage.  Advertising, heavy users of wifi, “big data” on consumers can all generate revenue.  Aggregating wifi traffic with other backhaul can make gigabit broadband for underserved business parks profitable.

Wireless concessions can bring high-speed data down to street level. Local government, and national policymakers, have a duty to ensure their citizens benefit from it to the full.

Who should buy Wireless Concessions

Local authorities; the Wireless Concessions Report can help any council to make a success of wifi in its area more quickly, more cheaply and more effectively

Policy makers and regulators; the Report provides essential evidence for proper evaluation of the issues and opportunities created by community wifi networks

Communications providers; from global mobile operators to local broadband promoters, strategists need Wireless Concessions as a key contribution to their road-map

Telecoms vendors; rich rewards will accrue to software and hardware suppliers which can master the new hybrid infrastructures that wireless concessions require

New media ecosystem; from video streaming to digital marketing, wireless concessions offer a whole range of opportunities for new media distribution, usage and feedback

Five of the special features which make this report essential

  1. Benefits for local government. A systematic listing and analysis of the key benefits that wireless concessions can deliver for local governments and their citizens.
  2. Opportunities and business models. The revenue streams which wireless concessions can generate and how valuable they can be.
  3. Case studies.  Profiles of wireless concession projects in UK local authorities provide the practical detail and early experience that any wifi network promoter can learn from.
  4. Point Topic and RNS expertise. The companies combined wide experience of researching internet access channels with in-depth knowledge of the need for connected communities to create this report.
  5. Realistic terms of use. You will want to use the report to plan, negotiate or assess wireless concession projects. You will have the legal right to use the data for the applications you need.

More information

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Price and purchase information

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