Planning the future of broadband

August 14, 2013   |   Oliver Johnson

The networks of Europe today and tomorrow – Point Topic presents at the Broadband World Forum

The successful delivery and evolution of broadband in Europe depends on many factors.  What’s the demand, who from and where?  What is technically possible?  How large is the budget?

At the upcoming Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive of Point Topic, will be contributing to a number of discussions and presenting Point Topic’s own view on the where, when and how of European broadband.

Point Topic has for the last two years run the Broadband Coverage in Europe (BCE) study for the European Commission.

“Our experience in mapping broadband supply and take-up contributed to our success in these projects.  We are in a unique position to report on and project broadband in Europe from both ends of the value chain,” says Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive at Point Topic.

European coverage by Next Generation Access technologies – end 2012

Point Topic - European Commission - NGA broadband coverage map

Source: Broadband Coverage in Europe 2012 – Point Topic for the European Commission

Oliver Johnson will be attending the Broadband World Forum 2013 in Amsterdam to share some of Point Topic’s expertise and to participate in the European must attend event for those in and around the industry.  The show is part of a vital series of information sharing and deal striking that form the foundation of broadband development.

“Partly it’s an opportunity to interact with your colleagues and discover what is happening, when and who is doing it.  As such I’m delighted to be chairing a session on the Thursday on fibre architectures in Europe.  It’s also about sharing our expertise not only for the edification of others but you also want sales yourself of course.  There aren’t many events that you ‘have’ to go to in broadband but this is one,” says Johnson.

Oliver will be presenting work that derives from Point Topic’s expertise in the European markets in particular.

Point Topic has developed a pan-European Kilometre Grid (EKG) to aid the understanding and unification of broadband.  Based on the Corine land database and endorsed by the European Commission in the recent studies Point Topic has conducted, it enables the collation, comparison, reporting and projecting of broadband (or indeed any) data across a previously unconcerted mess of definitions and geographies.

The EKG makes it possible to look at all the EU countries, plus a couple more, and make direct comparisons.  As well as allowing far more efficient modelling of the available information.

Figure 2: Demand density in Europe – determining the boundaries of deployment

where will fixed broadband be deployed

As well as Chairing a day on the Thursday (24th) at the Broadband World Forum this year, ‘FTTH Rollout & Architecture’, Oliver will be offering some insight into Point Topic’s work with a presentation on “Networks in Europe to 2020:  What, where and when?  Copper, cable, fibre and mobile across Europe to the end of the decade” in Content Hub 1.

The Broadband World Forum – Amsterdam, 22-24 October 2013