Point Topic CEO to Chair at Fixed Access Networks Summit

January 8, 2014   |   Oliver Johnson

Oliver Johnson, Point Topic’s CEO, will be chairing day 2 at the Fixed Access Networks Summit from 9-10th April 2014 in Berlin the first event to feature both DSL & FTTH operators discussing the future of fixed access networks.

It’s a timely event.  There is more clarity now on how much of Europe is approaching the challenge of providing broadband to its citizens and that enables us to examine plans, or the lack of them, in more detail and with better context,

says Oliver Johnson.

The imminent certification of G.Fast adds another potentially game changing technology to the mix.  As the market tries to understand the future demand for bandwidth (as well as where and when) the event brings many interested parties together to review this and other advances.

This is an important time for many operators and vendors as well as regulators, policy makers and consumers.  Now that superfast has been in the wild for some time it’s possible to have discussions based on more empirical data than ever before.  There will be evidence from the real world with updates on the progress of VDSL and other DSL accelerations.  Discussions on the pros and cons of end to end fibre versus xDSL and other delivery technologies and a review of what we expect to see next.

Johnson will chair day two of the event where highlights include a presentation from Tom Starr (Lead MTS at AT&T and Chairman of the Broadband Forum) on the future of fixed access networks and Reinhart Scholl (Deputy Director of the TSB, ITU-T) who will talk on the current status and recent developments in G.Fast.

I’m very pleased to be able to attend and chair this event.  The quality of speakers and the focus of the topics and presentations makes it one of the highlights of my year already.  I’m looking forward to Berlin with anticipation.

You can get more details on the event from the Fixed Access Networks Summit website.