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The ISPA UK Parliament & Internet Conference 2022

Levelling Up the UK Through Gigabit Broadband

On 23 March 2022 ISPA UK held its first post COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns annual conference, Parliament & InternetThe UK’s latest digital policy agenda for a changing world, to discuss Internet policy and inform policymakers by bringing together Government, Parliamentarians, officials, business and civil society.  Sponsored by Openreach and CityFibre, the event opened with the first panel session addressing the topic being widely discussed within the sector, Is gigabit capable broadband


Independent Networks Survey 2022

Fill in the Independent Networks Survey 2022

Each year INCA commissions Point Topic to survey the independent operators to assess investment, actual and planned network coverage and important challenges the sector faces.  As private investment by independent providers has steadily increased, with an estimated £18 billion being pumped into the gigabit broadband sector up to 2025, the focus of this …


A billion lines – fixed broadband for half the world

In the second half of 2018, in September we believe, the one billionth fixed broadband subscription was signed up, probably in China.

Point Topic’s most recent outputs put the total number of global fixed line broadband subscribers at 983 million at the end of June.

Current adoption rates mean that …

READ MORE broadband premises at 3m, according to Point Topic

February 2018, London

Broadband analyst firm Point Topic have been looking at the latest developments around the globe. Point Topic estimates that as of early 2018, some 3 million premises have been passed with networks. An estimated 29,000 households subscribe to the services, the majority of which are …


Westminster succeeds with help from Point Topic, Adroit Economics and The Fifth Sector

Westminster City Council successfully obtained funding totalling £2.8 million for Connect Westminster project based on Point Topic, Adroit Economics and the Fifth Sector detailed analysis and mapping of superfast broadband impact and forecasts for bandwidth in 2020.

The Connect Westminster Project will help address poor connectivity within Westminster by providing micro-finance to at least 1,250 Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to connect these businesses to gigabit capable connectivity.

Point Topic has been mapping and analysing the UK broadband market for more …