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WiFi to step into the breach?

Solutions on offer for a critical mass of players

“There is something of a meeting of minds, or at least of objectives, in the UK today. Local authorities need to deliver services and improve access.  Consumers like wifi when they can get it and operators need small cells. Common goals are often easier to achieve,” says Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive at
Point Topic.

WiFi offers solutions to local authorities and residential and business consumers in terms of accessibility as well …


Point Topic to chair a session at NextGen 2013

Point Topic’s Chief Executive, Oliver Johnson, will chair a session at the upcoming NextGen 2013 conference in London.

“The NextGen conferences are vital for all of us involved in the present and future of broadband in the UK.  It attracts most of the players on supply and deployment and brings them together with those on the ground from local authorities and town representatives through to a range of interested parties as well as the analysts and consultants who want to …


Copper-based broadband looks big in Europe’s future

Point Topic’s maps show that VDSL will provide the main solution for bringing superfast broadband to the whole of Europe

Most of Europe will still be getting its broadband over copper telephone lines by 2020. Despite all the campaigning for fibre all the way to the home (FTTH), economics and technology will ensure that, for most people, the fibre will stop some way short of their doorstep.

At the same time, at least 90% of homes in the European Union …


Planning the future of broadband

The networks of Europe today and tomorrow – Point Topic presents at the Broadband World Forum

The successful delivery and evolution of broadband in Europe depends on many factors.  What’s the demand, who from and where?  What is technically possible?  How large is the budget?

At the upcoming Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive of Point Topic, will be contributing to a number of discussions and presenting Point Topic’s own view on the where, when and how …


The timing is right for satellite broadband in the UK and Europe

Press release – The timing is right for satellite broadband in Europe

Broadband targets depend on space based systems.

The European Union’s Digital Agenda calls for every citizen and business to have access to broadband that provides at least 2 megabits per second by 2013.

Today that’s largely possible.  In fact more than 99% of the population of the EU can get ten times that.

“Now that twenty megabit bandwidths are commonly on offer and some tariffs offer customers unlimited