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Bandwidth for video – how much is enough?

Recently one of the major consumers of bandwidth in the world, Netflix, went live with a website that lists the amount of bits that our operators provision for us to watch a video stream.

“It’s interesting to see ISPs compared.  The spread in bandwidth values returned is revealing with the top operator in the UK provisioning a third as much again as the bottom for Netflix,” says Oliver Johnson, CEO at Point Topic.

Video is the great demand driver for …


Fiber to the where? Hybrid broadband networks set to dominate

Over the last few years we have seen significant adoption by home users of superfast broadband tariffs around the world. There are now more operators in more countries offering higher bandwidths than ever before, and consumers have started to see the point of superfast speeds – but only up to a point.

“Today that ‘point’ is in the sixty to seventy megabit a second range. Enough to stream a high definition video or three with perhaps some light browsing on


High speed mobile broadband in Europe – What will be the tale of 2012?

Data delivery in Europe will find a way – any way

Leading broadband research company Point Topic believes that LTE and other mobile technologies will have an even more important part to play in providing Europeans with high-speed and affordable bandwidth, now that the Connecting Europe Facility has been gutted.

Point Topic is in the process of updating its study for the European Commission, Broadband Coverage in Europe 2011. From 9% population coverage for LTE at the end of 2011 …


Is the UK a failure or a leader in superfast broadband?

The FTTH Council should start recognising that there are multiple technologies in the business of delivering superfast broadband


FTTH Council Europe is one of the most successful technology industry pressure groups around. But it is facing a big challenge at its annual conference in London later this week.

The conference will probably be a jam-packed sellout, breaking attendance records once again. But despite its success in winning hearts and minds among the media and politicians, the FTTH Council is …


BDUK will bring superfast to 1.8 million homes by 2015

If the targets are met available bandwidth to increase by 50%

Point Topic has modelled the spread of broadband and now superfast broadband through the UK market for a number of years.  Now using a time series comparison we can benchmark the bandwidth uplift that Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) funding will offer consumers in the target areas.

“We forecast that the areas receiving BDUK funding will help to drive superfast coverage to 1.8 million more households in the UK by