Terms and Conditions

Part 1: General Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to subscribers and visitors to the Point Topic web site. Terms and conditions which differ according to the Subscription Option chosen are set out in Part 2 below.

Copyright and reproduction

All the material on the Point Topic web site is the copyright of Point Topic Ltd unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved by Point Topic Ltd.

The Open Pages of the Point Topic website are those parts of the website which are accessible free of charge to any visitor to the website. Any website user is hereby granted permission to make use of any material on the Open Pages of the Point Topic website for research purposes provided that the material is credited to Point Topic. Occasional reproduction of any material on the Open Pages part of the website with credit to Point Topic at www.point-topic.com is hereby permitted.  This includes occasional commercial use but any user who wishes to reproduce Point Topic material on a repeated or systematic basis must apply to Point Topic for permission.

Reproduction of and access to Subscriber Sections

The Subscriber Sections of the Point Topic website are those parts of the website which are accessible only to persons or organisations registered as subscribers to them. Subscribers are entitled to access and download any material from the Subscriber Sections covered by their subscription as frequently as they wish for the duration of the subscription.

Subscribers who wish to reproduce multiple copies of material from the Subscriber Sections should apply to Point Topic for permission.

Part 2: Subscription Options

Subscription options available

These terms and conditions cover Point Topic’s Global Broadband Statistics, Broadband Operators & Tariffs and UK Plus services only. Subscriptions to other Point Topic services such as Broadband Geography UK and Mapping Broadband Europe are covered by separate Terms and Conditions.

Each service is a separate entity. Subscription to one service does not allow access to the other services. Each subscription must be purchased separately.

The two subscription options and the access they provide are as follows:

1 to 5 user subscription

This subscription provides online access for 1 to 5 named users in the subscribing organisation. The named users can work in separate offices or countries but must work for the same subscribing organisation. Only the named users are permitted to download, access or use information from the subscription service. Point Topic reserves the right to cancel subscriptions where there is evidence of copyright abuse.

Corporate/unlimited-user subscription

Corporate/unlimited-user subscriptions provide online access for an unlimited number of named users in the subscribing organisation. The named users can work in separate countries but must work for the subscribing organisation. Organisations can add as many users to the subscription as they wish.

Subscription facilities

Each subscription includes telephone and email customer support during UK office hours for issues relating to access to the website and the content of your subscription. Point Topic welcomes contact from subscribers for enquiries, discussion or advice. Requests for additional information over and above that provided as part of the subscription may incur an additional fee. Subscribers will always be notified of the likelihood of additional charges before incursion.

Subscriber Section files may not be accessed by more users than are allowed under the terms of the subscription. Files must not be made available electronically or in hard copy to anybody who is not an employee of the subscribing organisation or its subsidiaries.

Employees of the Subscriber organisation and its subsidiaries can print out Subscriber Section files as hard copy as required for their own use, whether from the Point Topic web site or from a file held on the Subscriber’s computer systems. These hard copies, or hard copy versions of Subscriber Sections supplied by Point Topic, must not be further reproduced by photocopying or any other means without explicit permission from Point Topic Ltd.

Unless otherwise arranged and confirmed with Point Topic, the duration of a subscription is 12 calendar months starting from the date on which payment for the subscription is received.

Single report purchases

Point Topic sells a range of UK reports which can be purchased on a standalone basis without requiring a 12-month subscription. Each report will be delivered to the purchaser upon receipt of payment. All such purchases are for the sole use of the purchasing company or organisation and must not be shared with non-purchasing companies or organisations. Single report purchases are not refundable once the purchase has been made.

Part 3: Payment & Delivery of Service

Point Topic accepts payment by bank transfer, cheque and credit card (MasterCard and Visa only).

Full payment instructions and supplier details are included on the Point Topic invoice which will be sent on receipt of your order. Supplier details are also available as a separate document which is available on request. The standard payment terms are 30 days within the date of the invoice. Accounts are activated on receipt of payment for new subscriptions.

Once the account is activated the named users are able to access all reports, papers and services (within the products subscribed to) online immediately.  Reports are available for download as plain HTML, PDF or Microsoft Excel files.

Companies purchasing a Point Topic subscription for the first time can cancel their purchase within 30 days of order and receive a full refund.  This facility applies automatically to any first-time order unless stated, but Point Topic reserves the right to refuse it without giving a reason on any occasion.  If the 30-day facility is refused, the customer will be notified before the order is accepted and the order will not be put through without the customer’s explicit agreement.