Westminster succeeds with help from Point Topic, Adroit Economics and The Fifth Sector

August 8, 2017   |   Simona Pranulyte

Westminster City Council successfully obtained funding totalling £2.8 million for Connect Westminster project based on Point Topic, Adroit Economics and the Fifth Sector detailed analysis and mapping of superfast broadband impact and forecasts for bandwidth in 2020.

The Connect Westminster Project will help address poor connectivity within Westminster by providing micro-finance to at least 1,250 Small Medium Enterprises (SME) to connect these businesses to gigabit capable connectivity.

Point Topic has been mapping and analysing the UK broadband market for more than a decade and have contributed to the planning and execution of projects from local to national.  Recently, together with Adroit Economics and the Fifth Sector, it produced a study on the economic impact of bandwidth on businesses in Westminster. The calculations drew on a recent evaluation of the Greater London element of the national voucher scheme.

The Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme survey revealed that that the use of faster broadband by London’s SMEs taking up the voucher scheme will enable them to generate £2bn additional sales within the first two years, 32,000 new jobs and to achieve just under £1bn cost savings, making London’s voucher firms considerably more competitive and profitable.

FINAL Infographic PNG

Oliver Johnson, CEO at Point Topic, says,

“The survey and associated data change our understanding of the benefits of broadband. We finally have some well researched, concrete and frankly very impressive inputs for business models around the country. Long to medium term it appears that there is at least an order of magnitude more to be gained than many projections had forecast and even short term there is a much stronger case for more bandwidth in business.”

Business and Enterprise Programme Manager for Westminster City Council, David Wilkins, noted the quick turnaround of this piece of work as it was useful to firm up the business case for the Westminster Connection Voucher Scheme.

“The research provided by Point Topic was used to inform our Business Case for some European Regional Development Funding. We have secured £2.8m ERDF funding which will be used to support over 1,000 businesses within Westminster get access to gigabit capable broadband.”

Point Topic’s expertise and detailed understanding of the current broadband market and its future trends across the UK provides local authorities with a great advantage when planning broadband for their regions. That is what it did for Westminster City Council and what Point Topic and Adroit are doing for Haringey Council right now. Read Westminster case study here for a better understanding of the work and services provided and how it can benefit local governments.